Junior Chamber International

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is an international organization for active young professional under the age of 40, aiming to develop its members’ leadership skills, general social welfare, entrepreneurship and globalization.

Founded in 1981, JCI Tammerkoski is one of the 73 active JCI Chapters in Finland. Located in Tampere, JCI Tammerkoski exists for its 97 active members, 26 senators with a lifetime membership and 5 honorary members.

JCI is about learning by doing. Members can join monthly activities and numerous projects that meet their interests. The organization also offers extensive training and a vast network of professionals from different fields of business. All of the JCI members are active citizens who aim to make a difference, typically working as professionals of their own field, in middle management or as entrepreneurs.

We run several projects, events and competitions, as well as recognize and award citizens of Tampere. The most prestigious of our events are “In Flames” which is a seminar for young students about entrepreneurship and chasing one’s dreams, and the “High Altitude Camp” which connects 10 promising future leaders with local companies to create innovative solutions to real life business cases during a year-long course. We organize the Most Positive Citizen - competition and for the past 24 years have awarded the Employer of the Year.